Melted Photography is home-based in the City Beautiful better known as Orlando, Florida.  Our location in the tourist capital of the world makes for a very interesting perspective on our photography.  When people think of Orlando they think of Disney or Universal.  While it is certainly true that we have some amazing theme parks in our backyard, we also have easy access to stunning beaches on both coasts, an abundant array of flora, fauna, and wildlife, and many other natural wonders.

We don’t limit our photography to Central Florida and take our cameras with us wherever we travel.  We like to get out and about and enjoy whatever life has to offer.  We capture what we like to see.  It’s eclectic, maybe even a little eccentric at times, but it’s us! We make no apologies for our art and the perspective we have on the world around us is reflected in what we present.  We hope you enjoy our work and invite you to inquire about anything you might like to purchase.